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Why has the security door hung? 4 Causes & Solutions


If the security door has hung it makes it difficult for the door to open and close and can lead to damage to the floor of the house if left untreated. But why hang a door in your house and what to do about it?

Why is the security door hanging?

There are several reasons why your door may have hung. Below, we will analyze each one of them separately and we will suggest easy solutions so that you do not have to worry about your security door again.

1. Humidity in the window

Many times, this cause is something we ignore as it can be observed in the winter months and go away in the summer months. This is because many times the wood expands due to the increased humidity of these months and as a result, the door “finds” at the bottom. If the door is hung to a great extent, it can also damage the floor, scratching it.

Moisture can also affect the security door frame and cause the same problem, so make sure of the source of the problem before proceeding with window repair.

If the problem is at the bottom, you need to apply thick sandpaper at this point. Then he opened and closed the door a few times. This way the sandpaper will smooth the spot and increase the gap between the security door and the floor.

If the door does not close at the top, you can sand it on the spot or remove it and do the same, until the problem disappears.

Finally, if the problem is widespread then the replacement of the window is one way. The professionals of Alfino Door, have the experience to provide security door repair work and to suggest appropriate solutions for its replacement if necessary.

2. Accumulation of paint

By painting the security door many times, a layer of paint can be created which makes the door “find” on the floor and the walls. In this case, the solution is to prepare the door well before painting.

This can be achieved by good sanding and removal of the previous paint. Also, if you want to fix the existing problem, the solution is again sandpaper. In persistent coats of paint, you can also use corrosive, to soften the paint and remove it more easily.

3. Problem with the hinges

Damage to the hinges is a common problem that results in the security door being hung. The causes of damage to the hinge are that the recess of the screw has expanded and it does not hold it well or the wood around the hinge has been damaged. If your door is hanging because of these reasons the solutions are simple!

In the first case, it is enough to get new screws of larger diameter or length, but with the same head, so that they fit well in the hinge. In the latter case, a little more work will be needed to fix the problem:

  • First, with sandpaper, scrape the points of the wood around the hinge and wipe the debris.
  • Using epoxy material covered the gaps that have been created around the hinges.
  • With a “delta” sander, smooth the spot well, after the epoxy material has dried.
  • Using a hinged guide, make new holes in the wood in the same places as the previous ones.
  • You reapply the door on the hinge and your door is like new!

Finally, the hinge itself may be damaged. In this case, the solution is simple. Consult an experienced carpenter and replace your hinge easily and quickly.

4. Isn’t the security door to blame?

Before doing the above work, you need to make sure that nothing else is to blame. A factor that has hung your door, can be the puffy floor from moisture or broken pipes. Use a spirit level to see if your door is aligned.

Next, check the floor thoroughly to see where it stands out from its normal height. As long as the damage is on the floor you do not need to worry about anything! Call experienced floor cleaners and plumbers to give you the solution in this case too!



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