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Which Heat Resistant Tape is Best? Comparison of 6 Brands

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Have you been seeking for the excellent heat resistant tape for your sublimation crafts? Appear no more! I am comparing 6 various makes so that you can uncover the one particular that is ideal for you. Which sticks finest? Which leaves a residue on your job? I am masking all of that and much more! If you have ever had heat tape leave yellow marks on your undertaking, this write-up is for you! Discover a sublimation tape that is effective but does not injury your blanks in the course of action!

heat resistant tape

Heat Resistant Tape

Why do you require warmth tape? Effectively, this tape is excellent for holding down sublimation prints or even some varieties of HTV as it can deal with intense warmth. That signifies it will not melt to your surface area or depart a residue. Even so, not all tapes are made equivalent. So, click on perform beneath and observe me examine 6 models.

Just can’t look at the video clip or skipped some of the facts? You can also follow together down below!

Materials Needed

Prevalent Problems with Warmth Tape

I’m likely to speak about six various makes of warmth tape that I personally like, but first, let’s talk about typical difficulties with heat-resistant tape.

  • The 1st common issue is that it is not pretty sticky when you use it to consider to place your sublimation print on your surface area.
  • The second issue is that it leaves some sort of residue or some of the color driving, especially yellow heat-resistant tape from Amazon. I hear this almost each individual solitary working day.
  • The third issue I listen to from people is that they obtain this warmth-resistant tape and then they cannot obtain a tape dispenser to really put it in or 1 that they like. This variety of tape arrives in two diverse dimensions. Just one will match a common tape dispenser and the other wants a unique dispenser that usually takes a huge roll.

Heat Tape Tests

Let us address all of these issues under. The first and second difficulty about it not staying sticky or leaving a residue or some of the color transferring to your challenge is normally mainly because it’s a definitely lousy good quality tape. I do not automatically endorse those manufacturers on Amazon. You hardly ever know what you’re heading to get. These days I’m likely to check some makes on a shirt, a mouse pad, a ceramic mug, and a steel tumbler. You can see that they operate in all of these situations. They all stick to all those surfaces and do not depart a residue, but I want you to see for yourself. Let’s choose a search at the six manufacturers we’re likely to take a look at. 

Heat Resistant Tape Brands Tested

  1. PYD Daily life Tape – blue tape on a massive roll.
  2. Artesprix Tape – environmentally friendly tape on a frequent sized tape roll.
  3. Innosub Tape – yellow tape on a huge roll that comes in a huge wide range of widths.
  4. Siser Tape – pink tape on a frequent sized tape roll.
  5. Cricut Tape – blue tape on a standard sized tape roll.
  6. Conde Tape – yellow tape on a large roll.
brands of heat resistant tape on a table

Final results on a Shirt

The tapes are staying analyzed on a 93% polyester shirt. I utilized squares of a sublimation print and taped every single one particular down with a distinct manufacturer of tape. Then just pressed the shirt at the advised time and temperature.

heat tape on a sublimation print on a white shirt

All of the tapes caught seriously well and as you can see beneath there is no residue on any of the patches that I sublimated on the front. I imagine all of these are equal as far as how nicely they adhere, but I do want to test them on some more surfaces and make sure we’re not seeing any residue or discoloration on any alternate surfaces. 

testing heat tape on a white polyester shirt

Benefits on a Mouse Pad

Next, we have a mouse pad and I have all of the brands of heat tape alongside the line of my sublimation print. Again, I included the print, the tape, and then pressed the blank at the proposed time and temperature.

heat resistant tape tests on a mouse pad

After pressing and peeling again the print, I did not see any residue remaining driving on my blank. All of them caught nicely and did a good career. Also, I am in appreciate with this new mouse pad! 

sublimation mouse pad with succulents

Results on a Mug and Tumbler

Let us just take a search at some tricky surfaces. Upcoming, I pressed a ceramic mug as perfectly as a metallic tumbler, just to see how these tapes would react on each of those. Yet again I extra my print with all of the different brands of tape applied then pressed at the encouraged time and temperature.

testing heat tape on ceramic and metal sublimation blanks

I really do not see any residue still left on my mug at all with any of these models. So, all of these brand names do the job excellent both on a ceramic sublimation mug as well as a metallic can koozie blank.

sublimation mug and can koozie

Which Warmth Resistant Tape is Most effective?

Now we’ve found the six different makes, which a single ought to you opt for? That all relies upon on what you are seeking for in a warmth tape. First, look at which tape dispenser you would like. If you like the little, common tape dispensers, you have a few alternatives – Artesprix, Siser, and Cricut. My suggestion would be to just get the a single that’s on sale. They are all astounding tapes. I use all a few of these frequently, so I can definitely say that these are terrific warmth-resistant tapes and you just cannot go incorrect with any of them. 

If you are inclined to invest in a more substantial tape dispenser (and the tape dispenser itself will be an expenditure), the three selections I examined for that were the PYD Lifestyle, the Innosub (unique widths), and the Condi. I would also say these have been fundamentally equal so I would also get no matter what one is on sale. 

Overall, I never feel you can go improper with any of the six. They are all great warmth tapes and they all do the work perfectly. I would caution you from getting other mysterious manufacturers as I know there are some out there that will discolor your floor.

heat tape

What do I use most frequently?

I use the Artesprix or the Cricut most often. You will see a environmentally friendly or blue tape in just about every single single online video I do. I experiment with some of the other kinds sometimes. Individually, I like that they fit in the sweet minimal tape dispenser. If you really don’t have a ton of room, it’s absolutely the way to go. This way I really don’t have to buy something unique. I like how nicely they stick, and I like how nicely they occur off of my initiatives. I would say I use these most frequently and fundamentally choose up the one which is on sale.

Every single one time somebody messages me and states that their yellow heat-resistant tape has transferred to their mug, I notify them to get the Artesprix or the Cricut and remake their mug. If you’ve procured the yellow tape off Amazon, and it is leaving marks all above your mug or your surface area, I have not identified anything to get rid of individuals marks. In my feeling, those mugs are ruined. If you have a alternative for eliminating individuals tape marks, please depart it in the remark section beneath! I’ll definitely check it in a potential video clip just to assist individuals people today that get into that concern later on on down the street and have the warmth resistant tape leaving a mark. 

sublimation tape

Ideally, this assists you choose your favored heat resistant tape. Start out with the model that you specifically liked from this video clip and maybe a single that’s on sale. See if you like it. I do feel it is heading to arrive down to a particular desire for you. Which a single do you seriously like to use? If you like all of them, choose the just one which is on sale for the 7 days or decide the one for the tape dispenser you have. Ideally, this can help you pick a heat-resistant tape that functions for your sublimation, infusible ink, HTV crafts, and more!

best heat tape for sublimation


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