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We’re Zara Experts—Here’s Everything We Want for Autumn

If you put in a day learning our Slack messages, examining our story pitches, or as a fly on the wall in a single of our (virtual) meetings, you’d quickly realise that we Who What Wear editors speak about Zara a good deal. Offered that you might be using the time to go through this, maybe you do also. And at the get started of each year, our Zara discussions really ramp up as the new arrivals start coming in incredibly hot.

It is really currently September, and you know what that indicates: Zara’s assortment of coats, boots, and sweaters to cosy up in are multiplying on a daily basis. And given that we take into account ourselves to be Zara professionals, we assumed you could be intrigued to listen to which parts we have our eyes on for autumn. It wasn’t simple, but we narrowed it down to items that are confident to provide your autumn 2021 wardrobe to the future stage. You know what to do.

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