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Vacation Fund Jar: 4 Free SVG Files

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Right now is a great time to make a vacation fund jar and start dreaming of all of the places you will go in the future. Whether that is a big vacation, road trip, local adventure, or even to see a famous mouse, we have you covered with these 4 free SVG files. So, use these to make your own travel fund jar with your Cricut.

This is also a part of an entire week of family fun Cricut ideas. You can see my hangman game idea from yesterday or scroll to the bottom of this page for more ideas from our blog partners.

free svg for saving for vacation

Pick and choose from the SVG files below then upload the file to your Cricut machine. From there, you can cut your design from vinyl and apply it to your jar. You will be saving for vacation before you know it.

Vacation Fund SVG Files

First, you will need to download the files in order to make your own vacation fund jar. You can do that by subscribing to my newsletter below. Just sign up and the zip file will be sent to your email address. You will need to unzip the files to upload to your machine. Please note that all four designs are on one file so you will need to delete any that you do not want to make once you upload.

Please note that these files are for personal use only. Contact me via email if you have any trouble using these or if you want to ask about commercial use.

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How to Make a Vacation Savings Jar

Now that you have your SVG files from above, you will want to put them to good use and make a cute jar to save for a vacation. First, decide which SVG file you will use then break out your Cricut to make this fun craft.

disney saving jar

Making a Vacation Savings Bank

You can make this cute jar bank in minutes to save up for any vacation you are dreaming of!

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10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Author: Angie Holden


  • Upload the SVG to your Cricut and delete away any elements you do not want on your jar. Then cut your design from adhesive vinyl.

  • Weed away all excess from around the design.

  • Add transfer tape to the top of the design and burnish well with a scraper or old gift card. Remove the backing from the vinyl.

  • Make sure your jar is clean and dry. Then apply the vinyl in the correct location on the jar and burnish well once again. Remove the transfer tape.

  • Burnish the vinyl once more and your vacation jar is complete! You can see more information here if you are struggling with using Cricut vinyl.

So easy and so cute! Now all that is left is to decide which of these cute jars you will make to save for your next adventure.

vacation fund jar

I really can’t decide which is my favorite. I guess it really depends on where your family is dreaming of heading to. Do you all love road trips? Then a road trip fund might be best.

road trip fund jar

You might not know what type of adventure you want to go on yet. Saving for unknown adventures and spur of the moment ideas might be just the thing your family needs.

adventure fund jar

Some families will just dream BIG! The castles, that famous mouse, and the vacation of a lifetime.

mouse fund jar

Whatever your family dreams of, you are sure to love saving those pennies in a vacation fund jar so you can all head out on the trip you have been dreaming of taking!

jar to save for vacation

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