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The Truth About Makeup Expiry Dates

It possibly won’t surprise you, then, to listen to that when it comes to makeup expiry dates, I acquire a likewise laissez-faire solution. As a magnificence obsessive, the variety of products in my stash indicates it’s virtually not possible to figure out when I very first opened one thing, and, hence, when it needs to be chucked.

Of program, there are some goods that I churn by way of and throw out frequently (mascaras and foundations are on my superior rotation record), but there are many others that have caught around for more time than I’d treatment to imagine about. (Advantage Benetint, I’m looking at you.)

But following a rapid chat in the Who What Don business office, it turns out that even those people with a restricted volume of makeup merchandise ended up however clueless when it arrived to expiry dates and no matter if they’re essentially to be adhered to. If you can even preserve observe of when you opened one thing, that is.

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