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The Blue Oxford Shirt Is the Easiest 2021 Trend So Far

“Straightforward to don” is in all probability one particular of the most annoying phrases in the complete of vogue (and let’s be honest, there are a lot to get annoyed by). What, accurately, does it suggest? Surely all apparel need to be effortless to dress in? That is the complete damn point of them. As significantly as it pains me to give these 3 text justification, here’s how I interpret them: Straightforward-to-have on clothing is the form of things you do not have to spend a lot time considering about. It’s a wardrobe staple that you’d happily use irrespective of whether you’re 15 or 85. There’s small faffing associated. 

Properly, get ready to hear the words with far more frequency come spring and summer time 2021, as that’s accurately what this season is all about. Although I love being amazed by progressive and refreshing can take on trend, on the total, there are no big surprises in retailer for us. So what can you hope? One particular of the greatest tendencies that a good deal of prospective buyers and large-road brand names have invested in is the uncomplicated blue Oxford shirt. The traditional item was first spotted on the runway of minimalist manufacturer par excellence The Row this time previous yr and has since been cropping up in just about every corner of the vogue earth. 

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