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Human Rights Watch warns Colombian police uses high-tech projectile launcher against demonstrators — MercoPress

Human Rights View warns Colombian law enforcement utilizes significant-tech projectile launcher towards demonstrators

Monday, May well 10th 2021 – 09:52 UTC

Vivanco insisted he had hardly ever seen this sort of a intense reaction against demonstrations, “not even in Latin America and not in the United States.”

Human Legal rights Watch (HRW) Executive Director for the Americas José Miguel Vivanco mentioned his corporation experienced in no way noticed law enforcement officers use “horizontal superior-velocity multiple projectile launchers” as it happens in Colombia.

Vivanco insisted he experienced by no means seen these types of a fierce response in opposition to demonstrations, “not even in Latin The united states and not in the United States.”

The Chile-born Vivanco manufactured people remarks in response to Colombia’s Protection Minister Diego Molano who experienced said that the weapons in problem are utilised in the occasion of disturbances that “affect tranquillity and security” or when violence may well take place.

Molano experienced informed the German outlet Deutsche Welle (DW)that they are utilised “against 3rd events, towards other citizens with the destruction of general public entities for them to dissolve.”

But “in no way from those people tanks can there be pictures against any official or any citizen,” Molano, in office since February 2021, had claimed.

“The rationalization is quite poor,” Vivanco insisted also all through an job interview with DW, and recommended that “the defence minister is not informed of the particulars … does not have substantially working experience in stability issues.”

Molano was appointed to thrive Carlos Holmes Trujillo, who died at the conclude of January of covid-19.

Vivanco described that the tanks are geared up with a style of “horizontal, not upward, horizontal, multi-projectile launchers that can evidently launch tear fuel or stun bombs in a way that can be indiscriminate.”

He added that “this appears to be like a highly unsafe, high-risk treatment, and I think that this type of observe is what results in the complaints about serious law enforcement brutality.”

Vivanco experienced released a movie showing police officers firing various projectiles from a tank at protesters in Colombia. “With eyewitnesses and digital movie verification we have corroborated the use of tanks with several projectile launchers aimed at protesters,” he wrote on his Twitter account, warning that it is a “dangerous and indiscriminate weapon.”

The defence minister, whom Vivanco had requested for an explanation, said the recording is underneath investigation.

According to reporters specialised in navy issues, the launcher is numerous electronic equipment acknowledged as “Venom” with which Colombia’s Esmad [Mobile Anti-Riot Squad] is geared up, at the price of around 118,800 US dollars apiece.

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