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G-Strings Are Back in Fashion But Not as You Once Knew Them

G-strings… Bear in mind them? They were an critical aspect of the noughties wardrobe, a vital still teeny-little pillar of the guidance procedure in which our low-slung (almost certainly laced-up) jeans could thrive, our handkerchief tops could be minimize high to reveal a lot of belly and hip, and our restricted-fitting double-mesh attire from Morgan could be as slinky as possible. The all-vital thong rose to vogue fame partly out of requirement, but it was also a signifier of coolness—so considerably so that an exposed one particular (aka a “whale tail” as it was coined back then) was some thing to be happy of. The glance was so fascinating that key lingerie models these kinds of as Gossard even developed variations with minimal diamanté trims for the really objective of them getting found.

It was a raunchy time for celebrity style—Christina Aguilera’s chaps, Britney Spears’s crystal bodysuits, and the several see-as a result of dresses of British glamour girls—and the look did filter into the mainstream, albeit a a bit softer incarnation. But then, the unavoidable pattern buck arrived, and lingerie spun a 180º to revert back to bigger pants and a lot more sensible, comfortable choices. To this working day, VPLs are nevertheless not the sacrilegious faux pas they when had been, and our butts are all the happier for it. 

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