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Florencia Kirchner’s “nanny” in Cuba rewarded with Argentine embassy in UK — MercoPress

Florencia Kirchner’s “nanny” in Cuba rewarded with Argentine embassy in Uk

Monday, June 22nd 2020 – 10:15 UTC

Javier Figueroa is a lawyer, specialist diplomat who has been in Havana since 2018.
During 2019 he had two distinguished visitors in Havana, Florencia Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez&#13
Through 2019 he experienced two distinguished site visitors in Havana, Florencia Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez

Javier Figueroa, at present head of the Argentine embassy in Cuba has been appointed as the upcoming ambassador in the United Kingdom, and in accordance to Clarin is an specialist on Malvinas affairs. His time in Havana coincided with Cristina Fernandez daughter Florencia Kirchner professional medical internment, which impeded her from travelling back to Argentina.

Figueroa is described as a expert diplomat, named to the publish by ex president Macri, and who also spent time as member of the Argentine embassy team in London amongst 1998 and 2005. He will replace ambassador Renato Sersale who is retiring from diplomacy.

In accordance to Clarin, the appointment of Figueroa coincides with the recent Argentine government intense rhetoric proclaiming sovereignty about the Falkland Islands, and for instance suspending joint interest actions such as the trade of fisheries data and even joint scientific cruises. This evidently has also reflected in bilateral trade which carries on to tumble and only reached US$ 812 million final yr.

Figueroa seemingly has managed to deal with the deep gap concerning the Kirchnerite and Macri governments and was named to Cuba in 2018, before he has been in South Africa. And his time in Cuba coincided with that of Florencia, below medical procedure for more than a 12 months, 2019, in Havana and the recurring visits of her mother Cristina Fernandez to the island. Mother and daughter flew back to Buenos Aires last March when Argentina had currently imposed a no flights policy simply because of the coronavirus quarantine.

The next Argentine ambassador in London, is a lawyer from the Buenos Aires College Law University and entered the diplomatic support in 1995 after finishing his Foreign Services research. Before heading overseas, Figueroa worked at the Malvinas and South Atlantic Desk.

Finally Clarin recalls that London still remembers the overall performance and non diplomatic extravagant attitudes of the final Kirchnerite ambassador in the United kingdom, Alicia Castro, ex union chief of Aerolineas stewardesses, and at this time ambassador in Moscow.


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