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Cricut Craft Room: Ideas for Organizing

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I thought today I would give you a look inside my Cricut craft room. I have also asked a few other blogger friends to join me today with their own craft room tours. You can see all of those below as well. I hope you come away inspired to organize your craft supplies. Plus, if you have been around here a while, you can see how much my room has changed since my last craft room organization tour.

Step inside this Cricut craft room and take a tour! Get organizing ideas for your craft supplies as well as inspiration to make your own gorgeous creative space! #craftroom #cricut #cricutcreated #creative #crafts #organized #organization

Cricut Craft Room Video Tour

I thought a video tour would be fun this time around.

If you can’t watch the video or want to see some further details, just follow along below.

Craft Room for Cricut Crafting

Whether your space is big or small, I hope you can get some inspiration by looking at my Cricut craft room and the storage I have chosen.

Cube Storage

I thought I would start with the view you most often see if you watch any of my videos. This shelf is behind me most of the time. I get questions on these shelves all the time! I am happy to FINALLY say they are back in stock on the Walmart website! What you see in this picture is a 9 cube organizer with a 3 cube organizer on top. I have it filled with craft supplies as well as some 12×12 paper organizers across the top.

craft room shelves

Then there are those dividers! You will see three different types of dividers around my craft room and I have been waiting on these to come back in stock for a couple of years now. The first is this plus-shaped shelf that is the perfect size for craft paint.

craft paint shelf

The second is this x-shaped shelf that I love for my spray paint. If these are sold out when you click on them, I have also seen that IKEA is making dividers for their units now and people are using those for crafts so be sure to check there as well.

spray paint shelf

Turning to the right from this unit is another of the same style of unit. It is basically the same type of storage unit. I will say that those baskets with the chalkboard labels are discontinued. I do love using chalkboard labels in my craft room, however. It gives me the chance to change as much as I want!

craft room organization

On top of that unit, I have a couple of tall olive baskets that have been discontinued along with an IKEA Moppe that I use for storage. These are so inexpensive and perfect for small craft supplies. I just added some vinyl on the front. You can also see how to make those CREATE letters here.

ikea moppe in a craft room

Also, in this corner, is my bulletin board with a variety of pictures added to it. You can see how to add iron-on to cork and make your own here.

craft room bulletin board

On the other side of the room, I have a third one of these cube organizers. This one, however, has some of the h-shaped dividers. These are also great for craft paint as well as your EasyPresses. The cart in the corner of this picture is from IKEA and holds my wood blanks.

craft room storage ideas

Pegboard Storage

I also love adding pegboard storage to my craft room. I have a small sewing table in this corner of my Cricut craft room but that pegboard on the wall is the real star of the show. A pegboard is a great way to organize a ton of supplies visually.

craft room pegboard storage

The first option is a traditional pegboard that you can get at your local home improvement store. This is one of those in a frame with pegs and hooks. I also added a ribbon organizer. It is the clip it up organizer from Simply Renee and has been discontinued.

pegboard organizer

The other option is a fairly new pegboard system that I am in love with! It is wood and you use wood dowels along with a variety of wood accessories to add to it. I am using the square ones here but they come in so many shapes and sizes. You can see some of the selection here.

wood pegboard

I even used one of the larger versions in the corner of this area. I love using every single available space as my room is not that large and I have a ton of craft supplies.

organizing with a pegboard

Cricut Craft Area

I just had to use a pegboard in the area of my craft room dedicated to Cricut as well. This time it is a pegboard system from IKEA. These are great as well and you really can’t go wrong with adding these to your space. I also know I will get questions on the rug in this space. I found it for a steal at one of those places that sell leftovers and returns! Lucky me!

cricut craft area

I used a variety of the IKEA hooks and bins to organize my Cricut blades, tools, mats, and so much more. Some of my favorites are the shelves with bins for the markers and pens. Plus hanging up your Cricut mats is life-changing y’all!

using a pegboard to organize cricut supplies

Above this, I added some IKEA plastic bag holders as a hack to hold my vinyl and iron-on. I actually like these best even after testing some other options. This is for roll storage only and I have smaller sheets and scraps in another area.

organizing cricut craft supplies

In front of this wall, I have my Cricut craft cart. This is one of my favorite things as it holds three Cricut machines and I can roll it around. It is sturdy enough to use the Cricuts right on the cart.

cricut craft cart

Beside this area, I have an IKEA desk with drawers. I put things like transfer tape, matboard, and foiling supplies in these drawers. I have another rolling cart from IKEA beside the desk and this is where I keep a ton of my materials for my Cricut. From smaller sheets of vinyl and heat transfer vinyl to felt and more, this cart holds a ton and I use it every single day. I just used vinyl cut on my Cricut to label each of the drawers.

cricut craft desk

I try to keep the desk itself fairly clean but I do love this mini trash can from Lotsa Style shop. It is perfect for when I am weeding vinyl and iron-on.

weeding trash can

The top of the cart holds my Cricut Joy, Glaminator, Xyron Creative Station, and Sizzix.

cricut joy storage

Crafting Work Table

No Cricut craft room would be complete without a huge work table. I have a large one that my husband made me in the center of the room. It has storage on both ends as well as a plexiglass top. There is room for two people to sit and work comfortably.

crafting work table

Keeping things real, this is what my work area looks like on a daily basis. I have a variety of lights and camera mounts so that I can make the videos and tutorials that you see here daily. You can actually see more of how I use this area in the video above.

craft blogger work area

For those that are craft bloggers and YouTubers, most of my rigging is not fancy at all. In fact, the overhead mount I use daily is actually made from PVC pipe. I love it and it works great for me! I also have a PVC pipe rig that holds backdrops and you can see me use that in the video as well.

pvc overhead camera mount

You might also be interested in the supplies that I keep on my work table at all times. I keep a hot glue gun or two out always with a non-stick pad to catch drips. I always have two Hobby Holsters on my table to hold glue sticks as well. The wood crate on this side holds scrap paper, paint trays, lint rollers, a water spray bottle, and cords.

hot glue gun holders

The opposite side of my table has a storage unit for paintbrushes as well as a lazy susan. In it you can find:

  • scissors
  • Cricut tools
  • paintbrushes
  • dowel rods
  • markers
  • pens
  • craft knives
  • lotion
  • hot glue fingertips
  • and more

Basically any tool I like to keep handy goes in these containers.

craft supply lazy susan

Craft Room Decor

I do have one wall in the room that mostly has decor. However, a lot of these pieces are functional as well as pretty! I have a set of hexagon shelves that house my collection of vintage thread spools. Then there is a cutting mat on the wall along with some crates for storage. The crates house my spray Mod Podge as well as some of my letterboard supplies. If you follow me on Instagram, you will not be surprised to see that I have several letterboards along with the letters to use on them.

craft room decor

I keep a lot of those letters on this shelf I made here. I made new labels for it using the Cricut Joy and added in my letters.

hanging shelf with bins

Other Craft Storage Ideas

I told you that I don’t like to waste space in my craft room so even small areas are not safe. I use a shoe organizer on the back of one of the doors with chalkboard labels. This is perfect for all of those small craft supplies.

shoe organizer for craft supplies

I also have a couple of these rolling carts. You can get them from IKEA or here online. They don’t take up a ton of room but hold so many craft supplies.

rolling cart for crafts

In fact, I keep this one behind where I work at all times. I can easily wheel it over to where I am and grab some of my most often used supplies.

craft supplies on a cart

Craft Closet Organization

My craft closet hasn’t changed a whole lot so I thought I would just point you to the post I did on it here. It is actually in an adjacent room to my craft room as this room has no closet. But I do have a ton of my craft supplies in this area.

Craft closet: Walk through the design and installation process of a custom craft closet that will blow your mind!

So, now that you have walked through my Cricut craft room, are you inspired to make your own creative space? Whether your area is big or small, I hope you find some ideas here that will work for you. Feel free to ask questions about the space below as well.

More Craft Room Inspiration

So, do you want to see even more creative rooms and ideas? I have some friends joining me for today’s series as well.

A Cricut craft room and craft room organization ideas from four professional craft bloggers! You will be inspired to create your own area for creativity! #cricut #cricutcreated #organization #craftroom #creativity #crafts

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Will you create a Cricut craft room of your very own? Or perhaps dream about one after your kids move out?

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