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M&S Just Created the Perfect Autumn Jumper

There is certainly practically nothing that can make us really as energized as the discovery of an inexpensive product that could very easily move as designer. This week, this instant came in the form of a jumper courtesy of high street stalwart Marks and Spencer. Of study course, very good ‘ol M&S has generally been prized for its cashmere offering, but when I noticed this distinct hanging ombre number, I couldn’t support but yelp with exhilaration (it is my job, all right?) 

Coming in a statement-creating shade of pink, but with a vintage crew neck silhouette, there’s one thing about this jumper than just feels so quality. Probably it is the truth that it can be impactful devoid of currently being of course ‘trend-led’, and the cashmere material makes it come to feel undeniably luxurious. I also think it really is the type of model that will glance excellent for quite a few seasons to arrive. 

The two WWW editor Emma Spedding and I had been desperate to try the jumper on IRL, and luckily for us we got that opportunity. I can ensure it seems even far better in human being. Just to verify its versatility we have styled the M&S knit a amount of various techniques, all fantastic for the autumn year. Scroll down to see our outfits and store the jumper. 

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We Tried Vida Glow Collagen Supplements—Here’s Our Review

There’s no denying that one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2021 has been the rise of ingestible beauty products. In fact, when we asked experts at the start of the year to predict the biggest trends in the skincare space, almost all of them called out skincare supplements and products that focused on the inside as trends to watch. This really comes as no surprise. As a lot of our traditional beauty routines have been stripped-down and pared-back over the last 18 months, it makes perfect sense that ingestible beauty supplements that promise plump, radiant skin and stronger hair are growing in popularity.

So when we heard that Vida Glow—a market leader in ingestible beauty and the number one global marine collagen brand—was launching in the UK, we were understandably intrigued. Formulated to firm skin, thicken hair, strengthen nails and generally impart that much-desired glow that we’re all after, Vida Glow’s clinically proven marine collagen sounds very much like a supplement that we can get on board with. And how about it being backed by dermatologists and skin scientists? Now that’s the kind of ingestible beauty product we can trust. Sure, some of our editors have been known to be a little sceptical about the efficacy of supplements in the past, but the fact that one unit of Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen range is sold every four seconds might just be enough to convince them that this supplement is worth the hype.

But what is a collagen supplement, and why is it worth incorporating into your beauty routine in the first place?

Collagen is a protein found naturally throughout our bodies. In fact, it’s the most abundant protein that we have, and it’s one of our skin’s most important building blocks. Because it’s present in everything from our skin to our bones, it’s naturally a very important factor in keeping our bodies strong and healthy. But in our mid-20s, collagen production begins to decrease, which results in those classic signs of ageing: fine lines, loss of skin elasticity, thinner hair and more brittle nails.

Of course, it goes without saying that ageing is a beautiful thing, but helping our skin, hair and nails stay strong and healthy for as long as possible is only a good thing in our minds, and that’s where Vida Glow comes in. 

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is a collagen-peptide powder that you take each day to support your body’s natural collagen production process. We like to think of it as an extension of your morning skincare routine. Adding a sachet to your morning coffee or glass of water is a totally fuss-free way to take an inside-out approach to beauty. Now, ready for the science? Vida Glow’s clinically proven marine collagen is activated through a natural hydrolysis process, which means that the peptides are small in weight but high in impact. In fact, the absorption rate is over 90%. Simply put, the body can effectively absorb Vida Glow’s collagen and genuinely put it to good use. And with regular use, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen could help you maintain healthy skin and hair while improving fine lines, wrinkles, skin elasticity and firmness. And of course, you’ll have that all-important lit-from-within glow.

So how long does it take to work? Skincare research and clinical trials show that visible results can be seen in three to four weeks of consecutive daily use of marine collagen. Even better, with regular use, consumers should see a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles by week six and and increase in skin elasticity and firmness by week nine. Sounds impressive, right?

Below, three of our editors put Vida Glow to the test, so keep scrolling to see their honest reviews and results.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

Hannah Almassi before taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

I definitely haven’t been feeling my most healthy self of late. Toddler sleep patterns, work and plenty of nursery germs have taken a toll on my well-being, and that’s certainly reflected in how I look right now. I’ve been prone to more outbreaks, which is very unusual for my skin, and my wrinkles are far more noticeable than they were a year or so ago. While beauty supplements and specifically collagen supplements aren’t something that I’d tried before, I do take a good multivitamin, fish oil and vitamins D and C to help boost my immune system. 

I’ve always had a very low-key beauty routine, but I feel the tide turning as I age, and now is a good time to start putting more effort into looking after myself when it comes to my health and feeling confident in my own skin. I’d love to have a more even skin tone and texture, and some of those fine lines and blemishes are more than welcome to return to where they came from! Additionally, I have a lot of flyaway, super-short, post-partum “baby” hairs, which can make my overall style look a bit wild and unruly, so I’d like for them to grow out ASAP. I’ve definitely been putting more consideration into the products I use, my beauty routine and what I eat, so testing out Vida Glow came at an opportune moment. 

Hannah Almassi after taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

In terms of first impressions, Vida Glow is very chic and striking—a million miles away from those naff tube adverts for supplements that target women in their mid-30s like me. The original flavour, which I tried first, definitely has a marine lilt to it, so I was more keen on the fruity options. But as far as making it work with my current routine, it was easy. As I previously mentioned, self-care isn’t at the top of my agenda right now, but I do drink a lot of water. Adding Vida Glow to a glass at the same time as I take my daily vitamins was a simple adjustment to make.

Since taking Vida Glow, the most noticeable difference has been with my skin. It looks a little plumper (in a good way) and glowier without any makeup. Okay, so I’m not suddenly 20 years younger, but I look far better than I actually feel right now. (I have yet another cold.) While I don’t think I’ll start taking endless amounts of beauty supplements, collagen is so useful for the body in so many ways, so continuing to use Vida Glow is a no-brainer. It’s really a no-fuss tweak you can add to your routine that will give you a daily confidence boost!

Vanese Maddix, Who What Wear Contributor

Vanese Maddix before taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

I already knew a bit about collagen before being introduced to Vida Glow—mainly that it’s a protein found in the body that helps with skin elasticity and can really help your skin look and feel more supple and radiant. However, I don’t currently take any supplements, and I’ve always felt quite overwhelmed when researching them. There are a lot of brands on offer and a lot of claims, and while I know people who swear by beauty supplements, there are others who totally write them off. 

Right now, my hair is in braids with extensions for added length, and it’s in good condition. My only general concern is keeping it as hydrated as possible until I wash it next. As a beauty journalist, I have quite a thorough skincare routine, but my main concern right now is that I’m dealing with quite a bit of dryness. As for my nails? They’re okay, but I do find that they can be quite brittle and break easily. If I had a wish list of what I’d want to see after taking Vida Glow, it would be some growth in my natural hair, less dry skin and stronger nails. (I’d really love to not have to worry about them breaking.) 

Vanese Maddix after taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

Another shout-out for the packaging! Vida Glow is so aesthetically pleasing, which made me even more excited to try it out. While I was quite apprehensive to begin with (a lot of ingestible beauty products really don’t taste great), Vida Glow actually tastes pretty good. I especially enjoyed trying the pineapple flavour, which was like a subtle fruit juice.

Since taking Vida Glow, my nails are definitely starting to feel much stronger, and I’ve had hardly any breakage. My skin definitely looks more radiant, too. And while the dryness hasn’t completely gone away, I think that continuing to take a daily supplement alongside my existing skincare routine will be really beneficial. As for my hair, it’s quite difficult to tell since it’s currently in braids. But halfway through trying Vida Glow, I took out my previous braids, washed my natural hair and got new braids done. I did notice that my hair seemed to have less breakage and seemed more manageable than usual.

Unlike Hannah, I’m not so good at keeping hydrated throughout the day, so I did struggle a little to fit Vida Glow into my daily routine. However, by the second week, I was getting into more of a routine with it and made sure to drink it with a glass of water before I left the house for the day. If anything, taking Vida Glow has been a great way for me to up my water intake. I think I’ll continue to take Vida Glow, especially as I’m keen to pinpoint any more benefits this supplement has for my skin, hair and nails. It’s definitely opened my eyes to the fact that beauty supplements can taste good, and I’m now more open to trying out other ingestible beauty products in future.

Emma Spedding before taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

I am very cynical about beauty supplements, and I probably would have never tried one if I wasn’t asked to for work. I think there is so much that goes into the health of your skin and hair, and I’m unsure how only one supplement could have that much of an impact. However, my skin has certainly felt the impact of the last year and has been dry, dull and more temperamental than usual. I’ve also noticed that I’ve started to develop more fine lines across my forehead and around my eyes. My nails have been longer than ever thanks to consistent visits to the nail salon for gel manicures. However, I did just commit the ultimate beauty sin and rip off all my gel nail polish rather than having it removed (I know!), so they’re now feeling rather brittle and weak. My hair is always a little thick and tricky to style, but after a recent cut, I’m happy with its condition at the moment.

If I’m hoping to see any results from taking Vida Glow, it’s an improvement in my skin. I’ve been lucky to have quite a consistent complexion, but I’ve really seen a shift since the pandemic with stress showing itself in the form of breakouts and those aforementioned fine lines. I’m getting married in 12 months, and I really want to get on top of a skincare routine that will improve the health of my skin overall. 

Emma Spedding after taking Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen.

First of all, I thought the Vida Glow packaging was really lovely, and I liked how the sachets all come in a neat box. I went to Portugal on holiday during my trial run, and it was very easy to pop a couple of sachets into my wash bag. I also think that tea lovers will appreciate how nicely the box slotted in alongside my tea bags, which was very handy as I’d put Vida Glow in my morning coffee and my afternoon tea.

Now, here’s the thing: My initial two-week Vida Glow experiment coincided with my holiday abroad, where I had to wear a face mask outside in the heat, and the maskne was real. When I arrived home, my skin had to find its balance again, and there’s no denying that it really wasn’t looking its best. However, I have been continuing to take Vida Glow since I got home, and I’m amazed by how many people have complimented my skin. In fact, at Fashion Week—when my skin normally looks pretty tired—both of my colleagues commented on how glowy my skin looked when I wasn’t even wearing any highlighter or glowy products. (They couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing a highlighter.) And our Beauty Editor, Mica, was seriously impressed with how radiant my complexion looked in these after photos.

Personally, I’ve been really impressed by how easy Vida Glow is to fit into my existing routine, and I’m really pleased with the glow in these after photos. I prefer taking the original sachets, which don’t have a strong taste. And like Vanese, I found that it helped me achieve my other beauty goal of drinking more water. I’ll definitely keep taking Vida Glow to give the supplements even more time to work their magic. Since I’m getting married next year, glowy skin is the main thing that I care about in my bridal beauty routine, so I can see myself keeping this up. Especially if the compliments keep coming in!

The original supplement made with marine collagen and nothing else.

This is the best-selling flavour from Vida Glow’s fruity selection.

This tropical flavour was Vanese’s pick of the bunch.

Like all of Vida Glow’s flavoured collagen sachets, this just contains natural marine collagen, natural sweetener and real fruit—in this case, mangoes.

Our beauty editor swears by this peachy flavour for her morning dose of collagen.

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10 Trendy Outfits You’ll Immediately Want to Re-Create

Assembling stylish outfits is constantly a precedence for trend forms, specifically at the beginning of each and every new season when you no question want your seems to sense fresh new. But you needn’t expend frivolously to make certain almost everything you don is of the instant. As a substitute, it all arrives down to intelligent styling and pairing specific parts with a single a further to unlock their whole model potential.

Certain, you could feel the have to have to spend in a couple of new hero buys to breathe new lifestyle into your present wares, and we certainly would not decide you for undertaking so. Even now, we firmly consider that there are a good deal of trendy outfits to be discovered by now hanging in your wardrobe.

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We’re Zara Experts—Here’s Everything We Want for Autumn

If you put in a day learning our Slack messages, examining our story pitches, or as a fly on the wall in a single of our (virtual) meetings, you’d quickly realise that we Who What Wear editors speak about Zara a good deal. Offered that you might be using the time to go through this, maybe you do also. And at the get started of each year, our Zara discussions really ramp up as the new arrivals start coming in incredibly hot.

It is really currently September, and you know what that indicates: Zara’s assortment of coats, boots, and sweaters to cosy up in are multiplying on a daily basis. And given that we take into account ourselves to be Zara professionals, we assumed you could be intrigued to listen to which parts we have our eyes on for autumn. It wasn’t simple, but we narrowed it down to items that are confident to provide your autumn 2021 wardrobe to the future stage. You know what to do.

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The 9 Prettiest Autumn Nail Trends, According to Experts

It might seem untimely to say that we are already starting to fine-tune our autumn procuring lists, but with the British summer time flip-flopping between 30-diploma heat and nonstop downpours, we’re frankly emotion ready to embrace the time in advance. Of training course, with a new season comes a slew of new trends to just take observe of—both in fashion and in beauty—and although we have already pinpointed the autumn trends that you’re likely to see everywhere, it can be time to dig into the facts. Very first halt: nails. And more specifically, the 9 autumn nail traits that are likely to be all over the place up coming year.

Confident, we can get a rather great steer on cool micro nail trends by scrolling as a result of Instagram, but absolutely nothing beats an specialist impression, which is why we tapped some of our favorite professionals for their predictions on the nail traits that will dominate the elegance world in autumn 2021. 

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Easy Updos for Long Hair to Try in 2021

Even when we really like our hottest haircut, style, length—or all of the above—there can nonetheless be moments when we strike a innovative hair plateau. What I’ve uncovered is that pulling my hair up, back, or simply accessorizing can revive the like of my natural curls. Of training course, hair reinvention will glance distinct for each and every of us dependent on our design ideology, hair length, and confront form. But, a new style is just an accessory or shape absent.

To assist you find some inspiration, I’ve rounded up a couple of of the chicest nevertheless easy variations for long hair. From low ponytails to curly topknots, there is a design in this article that I hope will spark your quite very own hair aha minute. So continue to keep scrolling for 30 quick-breezy hairstyles for very long hair you can style in minutes.

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Kate Middleton Just Wore an Amazing Purple Trouser Suit

A person would hardly ever seriously describe Kate Middleton’s design as divisive or difficult. She is the Pied Piper of classic. She is the chief when it arrives to lovely dresses and pleasant coats. More often than not, she plays it harmless in her favourite pumps and beloved trinket jewellery. It truly is all par for the royal course, we know, but every now and then, the Duchess of Cambridge goes through a far more daring streak, and when it comes about, you can be confident that our editors become obtainable to pore over each individual detail. 

Scorching on the heels of a relatively “wow” look past night for the premiere of the most up-to-date Bond motion picture, No Time to Die, the DoC adopted up her stellar golden caped robe from Jenny Packham with an additional British designer right now. Selecting a vivid purple trouser match from Emilia Wickstead was an impressed and rather bold shift into autumn territory. Not only are punchy colours a big existence for the new period, but purple is identified for becoming the most controversial hue of them all. Some adore purple other people truly feel a deep hatred to it. Looking at it on K-Mids, I truly feel fairly charmed by the thought.

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6 Easy Autumn Outfits I Can’t Wait to Wear

If you happen to be continue to keeping out for that next August heatwave, then you could want to glance away now because I’m about to rain on your parade. (Quite literally—have you viewed the weather conditions outside the house?) I’ve usually been drawn in direction of the enveloping silhouettes of autumn, partly for the reason that I cannot stand the sweaty logistics that appear with heatwave dressing but also for the reason that there is certainly so significantly much more inventive opportunity in layering. I uncover that you can find only so considerably you can do with a summer season dress.

Autumn is a time to experiment with statement jackets, create unanticipated pairings with blouses and jumpers and give your midi attire an edge with chunky boots and similarly chunky knits. So sure, it might only be July, but I’m previously scouting out the chilly-weather outfits that I prepare on re-generating the instant the mercury drops.

Several of my picked appears to be like centre on tailored hero items, these kinds of as wide-leg trousers or a color-pop blazer. The important is to dress them down with relaxed staples, this sort of as denim, white tees or ballet flats. At the prime of my record is Linda Tol’s tremendous-uncomplicated, but also super-stylish, knitted tank and black trousers. By sticking to neutral tones, you can then go to city with colourful equipment or a statement coat. Your options are limitless. Scroll down to see and shop the autumn outfits I won’t be able to wait around to wear this year.

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I Tried On & Other Stories’ New Arrivals—Here’s My Verdict

& Other Tales comes about to be my (and my fellow editors’) favorite location for parts that are the ideal harmony between polished and trend-ahead, so when I bought the opportunity to examination-travel the brand’s autumn arrivals, I was ecstatic. The brand features pricey-searching basic principles you may want in your wardrobe but provides the teeniest touches of trending things, whether or not it is a pop of colour, entertaining buttons, or a subtle print. It took pretty some time to make my selections, but I narrowed it down to 10 items and have relayed the 8 beneath that finished up passing my examination.

Things can often feel or look diverse than they do on the website, so at the time I made my wish record, I was eager for the items to get there, in particular when it arrives to the brand’s exclusive knits. The parts all felt luxe, so I knew they’d be hanging around in my wardrobe for a prolonged time. They also appear a whole lot additional high-priced than they really are, so that is a in addition. If you have been eyeing a thing at & Other Stories but have been curious about their fit or quality, you can choose a look at my particular evaluation below.

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Nodaleto’s Platform Shoes and Boots Are Suddenly Everywhere

Until December 2019, according to Google Developments, there were up coming to no queries in the British isles for the shoe model Nodaleto. But then, an explosion: In January of 2020, Bella Hadid stepped out sporting a pair of knee-superior, system-soled boots from the French label, and suddenly the world tuned in and started out investigating. The truth of the matter is fashion individuals had already clocked the emergence of this brand name and its signature curved platforms. It was the initially time in a extensive time that single-sole, dainty heels were getting questioned as the most on-craze possibility, and you could say that this specialized niche selection of Mary Janes and boots has paved the way for a complete-blown stacked-shoe revival. Not only was the aesthetic solely in verify, but the agenda-setting “souliers” brand was designed by Julia Toledano, the daughter of Sidney Toledano, the CEO of LVMH, so there was a deep being familiar with and expertise baked into the plan from the start. “He questioned me, ‘Are you confident?’ 3 periods!” Julia Toledano instructed components site Monnier Frères. “The assistance he provides me just about every working day is to continue to be correct to myself and give every little thing I can give. And not to want way too much too before long. Action by move is the motto!”

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