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Best Laptop for Cricut: What Do You Need to Run Your Machine?

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You will need a device of some sort to run your Cricut machine whether that is a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device. So, what is the best laptop for Cricut? What requirements are there for a computer to run your Cricut machine? Do you need a computer or is a mobile device okay? Let’s dive in and find out!

best laptop for cricut

Best Laptop for Cricut

You can actually watch the video below for my recommendations for a Cricut laptop. I have the requirements you need as well as considerations when making your purchase.

Can’t watch the video or missed some of the steps? You can also follow along below!

Mobile Device or Computer?

In order to send any image or file to your Cricut machine, you will need a way to communicate with it. You can do that with a computer or a mobile device. Why would you want a computer over the phone that you already have in your pocket? Mobile devices are limited, whether that is iOS or Android. They don’t have the same capability as a computer or laptop.

On your mobile device, you might not have features like offset or kerning, or be able to use the foil tool or knife blade. All of those are functions that are only available on a laptop or computer. If you want to get the most out of your Cricut, I always recommend getting a computer or a laptop.

Cricut Computer Requirements

So now that you’ve decided that you want to get a computer or a laptop, what do you get? Cricut machines are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. That portion of the decision is completely up to you. Then you can see the requirements for each type of device below.

Computer Requirements – Windows

First, let’s discuss what not to get for a Windows computer. The biggest mistake I see people making is getting a Chromebook because they are super inexpensive. However, a Cricut machine actually does not work with a Chromebook. So now that Chromebooks are out of the picture, what kind of laptop should you get? 

NOTE: These are current standards at the time of this blog post and these can change. Click here to see current requirements.

Here are the current standards for purchasing a computer for your Cricut machine:

  • The minimum system requirement is Windows 8 or later. However, with the latest updates, the offset feature does not work with Windows 8. It requires Windows 10, at least the 64-bit version. I would get a computer that can at least run Windows 10, 64-bit or higher. NOTE: You will need to switch any computer that comes in “S mode” to regular in order to run Cricut Design Space. There are instructions for doing so here.
  • You will want an Intel Dual Core or equivalent processor. This makes sure that your computer has enough power to keep up with what you’re doing in Design Space. 
  • For RAM, you will want four gigabytes minimum.
  • For free disk space, you will want two gigabytes minimum. You can definitely go bigger than this if you would like. NOTE: Memory requirements depend on how much you will be saving to your hard drive versus the cloud. You can use the online version of Cricut Design Space exclusively and save all of your projects only to the Cloud. However, you can use the offline version instead and save projects and fonts directly to your computer . That will of course take more memory in order to run that offline version once you’re saving all those images and fonts to your device. 
  • To communicate with the Cricut, you’ll need a USB port or Bluetooth capability. I recommend having both as I like the backup. If the Bluetooth is acting up, I can always use that USB cord to connect with my Cricut machine. I always make sure the device that I purchase has that USB connection.
  • You’ll also want a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, at a minimum.
  • You will also need a strong internet connection – they recommend two to three megabytes per second download, and one to two megabytes per second upload speed minimum. You may want to just check your internet connection before you dive into getting a Cricut machine, computer,  or any of these expensive devices.

Keep reading for a list of computers that I recommend for those that want something inexpensive to get started!

Computer Requirements – Mac

So, what if you’re an Apple person? Here are the minimum requirements for a Mac:

NOTE: These are current standards at the time of this blog post and these can change. Click here to see current requirements.

  • You will need a Mac 10.15 or later in order to run Cricut Design Space. Again, you’ll want the very latest version of the Apple operating system if you want to use the offset feature. That feature alone is only available on the latest versions of both Windows and the Mac operating system.
  • The CPU minimum is 1.83 gigahertz.
  • The RAM minimum is four gigabytes and two gigabytes of free disc space. Again, that disc space minimum is going to really vary depending on whether you want to use that offline version or if you’ll be using a cloud-based service in order to save those images and fonts.
  • The minimum display is also the same at 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • The internet connection requirement is also the same as the computer specifications above. I would definitely check that before investing in the Cricut or the computer.

Best Laptop for Cricut

Now that we know those minimum requirements. I have some of my favorite laptops and computers below along with where I like to purchase them. You can definitely take the minimum system requirements we just went over, go out, and shop for your own device. However, if you just want something quick and easy with a link, I’m going to drop some really affordable options below. Then you can get the right device at a low price and operate your Cricut machine. 

PLEASE check the requirements above before purchasing especially if you are reading this at a later date! Click here to see current requirements.

cricut laptop

Mobile Device & Tablet Requirements

What if you can’t afford a computer right now? What if, for the time being, you want to use a mobile device or tablet? Let’s talk about the minimums on those, just in case you’re shopping for a Cricut and wondering if your mobile phone or tablet would actually run your Cricut machine.

  • For iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, you’ll need iOS 12 or later on your device. For an Android, you’ll need Android 8.0 or later. 
  • Once again, Chromebooks are not supported by Cricut. I see so many people purchasing them, I wanted to say it twice!
  • There is a list of supported devices on the Cricut website, so you can make sure your device will be compatible. Find iPhones and iPads that are compatible here. Find Android devices that are compatible here.


One final note: requirements do change over time. If you are reading this at a later date, the requirements may have changed. You can head to the Cricut website here and you can double-check that the information in this post is correct and up-to-date. As long as it is, you are free to shop for that computer, laptop, or use that mobile device that you already have at home to operate your Cricut machine.

which laptop for a cricut

I hope this helps answer all of your questions about requirements and what types of devices and computers you may need to invest in to operate your Cricut machine! Getting the best laptop for Cricut doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, you may want to sign up for our free Cricut class here as well so you can learn everything there is to know about your new machine.


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