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10 Cricut Hacks That You Need Now

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Are you ready for some of the best Cricut hacks? These ideas will change your crafting life! Be sure to try a few of these as I know that you are going to love them. These are all things that I have learned from crafting with my Cricut machine for years. I often mention these Cricut tricks to people and they are mind-blown! So, why not share them with all of you?

amazing cricut hacks

Cricut Hacks

I will note that the hacks are in no particular order and all of them will work no matter what machine you have. If you want to watch a video with all of the ideas, just click play below.

Can’t watch the video or missed some of the details? No problem! I am also listing all of the ideas below for you.

Hack #1: Removing Material from the Mat

You may or may not have heard of this one before but I really couldn’t leave it off of my list. Have you ever pulled your material off the mat just to be left with a curled up mess? Well, that is because you are doing it wrong! Be sure to flip your mat over and peel the mat back from the material. The difference in your finished product is amazing!

removing the mat from the material instead of the material from the mat

Hack #2: Reusing Transfer Tape

Yes, you read that right. You can reuse transfer tape on average about 5 – 7 times. If I am doing a project with a ton of small transfers, I will use the same piece over and over again until it just will not stick anymore. Want to really conserve? Save your backing paper and put it right back on there when you are done then pull out that piece for your next project.

Hack #3: Using a Brayer

Seriously, buy a brayer of some sort and keep it with your Cricut machine. It is life-changing! I recommend rolling over any material you are adding to your mat. It will push down all of those edges that might not want to stick. In fact, it will extend the life of your mat as you will be able to use it much longer. Trust me, this one is a must-have.

using a brayer to put materials on a cricut mat

Hack #4: Test Cuts

Maybe I should have made this the first hack as this one thing will save you time and money when crafting with your Cricut. Do a small test cut in the corner especially if you are cutting material that you have never used before. Test your settings and make sure they are going to work before you ruin an entire sheet of material.

Hack #5: Adding a Second Pass

What if those settings don’t work? Then what? Well, did you know that you can easily add a second pass? Once your cut is done and your arrow button is flashing for you to remove your mat, STOP! Don’t remove that mat. Pick up a corner of your design and make sure it is cut all the way through. If it isn’t, you can just click the “C” button again on your machine and the Cricut will cut again over the same path! NOTE: Got a Cricut Joy? You can do another pass right in the app since you don’t have the buttons.

hitting the c button on a cricut machine

Hack #6: Weeding on the Mat

Have you ever started to weed a design and your material just won’t lie flat or stay still? Leave it on the mat! Just leave the design right on the mat as you weed. You will not have all of the issues with your design moving as the mat will hold it in place.

Since we are talking about weeding, you may want to try these weeding hacks as well!

weeding on the mat

Hack #7: Putting Notes on the Mat Cover

Speaking of those mats, the clear protective sheets on the front of those can be a great place to put reminders to yourself. Do you always forget to mirror? Can’t remember what each mat is for? Any notes that you need, just write them on that sheet with a permanent marker or even add a label to the sheet to write on. Either way, this is a great way to put those last second reminders right in front of you.

Hack #8: Parchment Paper Layering

This is perhaps one of the best Cricut hacks I have ever discovered. I took the original video and trimmed it down into a short video below to explain the process a bit better. This is one hack that you have to have if you are layering adhesive vinyl. Trust me, you will want to remember this trick!

Hack #9: Felt Cutting Hack

When you are cutting things like felt and even leather, you can destroy your mat! Well, I have a solution for that! Add strong grip transfer tape to the back of your felt then put the felt on the mat. The transfer tape will hold the felt in place and protect your mat from all of those fuzzy bits.

hack for putting felt on a cricut mat

Hack #10: Cricut One Sheets

Finally, my last Cricut hack is to keep a cheat sheet near your machine at all times. I have seen a variety of these and I even made a set of my own. Whichever set your decide on, laminate a copy and keep it handy so you don’t have to google or search for answers as often.

Want to buy my version of the Cricut one-sheets? I have a one-sheet for every Cricut machine as well as Design Space. You can get your copy here!

cricut hacks

So, now that you have seen my best Cricut hacks, I would love for you to tell me what ideas you have for saving time, money, or your sanity when Cricut crafting! Drop down to the comment section and let me know your best Cricut tricks. I can’t wait to try them!

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